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Hydrogel Face Mask Treatment

The Hydrogel Face Mask Treatment can be performed with any ISCI facial.

Gel Face Mask Treatment
This is the very latest technology is anti-aging masks and is perfect for the dry Arizona environment. It helps restore moisture in your skin. The Hydrogel mask reacts with your skin temperature to dissolve ingredients directly into your face. As the Hydrogel adheres closely to the face, highly-effective natural ingredients such as; Marine Native Collagen, Coenzyme Q10, White Gold (Colloidal Platinum), Green Tea, and Vitamin A are directly absorbed into the skin, making the skin tighter, softer and rejuvenated in just 30 minutes! The Hydrogel mask will make your face firmer and radiant with just one treatment. It restores elasticity and diminishes the signs of aging. Your complexion will appear fresher and more youthful. A perfect add-on to any facial! $99.00 Please allow 30 extra minutes for this treatment in addition to your facial.