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BioTrim Non-Invasive Instant Slimming

Have You Gained Weight & Want to Lose It?
Would You Love to See Your Stubborn Weight Gain Gone!?
Frustrated From Not Getting the Results You Expect With Weight-Loss Treatments or Exercise?

BioTrim is a game-changing non-invasive 'cool-laser' technology that switches 'fat-storing cells' into 'non-fat-storing cells' producing noticeable results in just one treatment...the fat instantly melts away instantly!

No pain, No Redness, 100% Safe, No Down-Time...And You Can Resume All Activities Immediately! Lose 1/2"...or MORE in Just One 30 Minute Treatment. It's Clinically-Proven to Work!

This is the simplest, most innovative method for total weight-loss...and it even treats stubborn areas of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise!

Begin Losing Weight Immediately Using the Very Latest Non-Surgical Technology that Visibly Shrinks Fat in 30 Short Minutes. Get Started Today!


BioTrim Works!

  • Instant Results: Lose 1/2"...or MORE On Your First Session
  • Clinical Trial Study: 97.6% Saw Results in Only 1 Session
  • Our Customers lose 1" (on average) in one-session!
  • Zero Down-time
  • No Burn or Freeze
  • No Redness
  • No Pain, Non-Invasive
  • You Can Resume All Activities Immediately
  • Safe - FDA Approved Technology
  • No Side-Effects
  • No Drugs or Surgery
  • No Creams or Anesthesia Needed
  • Short 30 Minute Treatments Yield Measurable Results
  • Multiple Clinical-Trial Studies Prove It Works
  • Works on your Belly, Thighs, Chin or Wherever You Want to Lose Fat
  • No Compression Garment to Wear or Purchase
  • Finally a Solution that Really Works and is Simple To Do!
  • Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!
  • Sound Too Good to Be True? Try it - You Have Everything to Lose!


12 News: New Non-Surgical Instant Weight-LossTechnology Shrinks Fat While You Lay There

BioTrim Can Help You:

  • Reduce Fat So You Look Slim & Trim
  • Lose 1/2" or MORE On Your First Session
  • Lose 3" - 7" in 3 weeks (9 sessions)
  • Reduce Cellulite (Dual Laser Technology)
  • Tighten Flabby Arms
  • Target Spot Reduction
  • Body Contouring
  • Reduce Stretch Marks
  • Lose the Chin Fat - Chin “Tucks”
  • Eliminate Muffin Tops Easily & Effortlessly
  • Rid that Stubborn Belly Fat that Just Won't Go Away!
  • Have a Swim Suit Body - All Year Round!
  • Look & Feel Better - Both Emotionally & Physically

Click Here to See BioTrim Customer Results!

Channel 5 News: New Technology Helps Those Who Struggle With Weight-Loss

News Story: New Technology to Fight the Fat


4.75" Loss in 9 Treatments

8.75" Loss in 9 Treatments

9.00" Loss in 8 Treatments

Under Chin Reduction - 1 Treatment


Yesterday I had my first visit and received one BioTrim Instant Weight Loss Treatment. Let me just say- This place was simply amazing. Location is great, very nice office and I instantly felt relaxed and comfortable. I am 5'3 and 110 lbs and I work out every day as well as maintaining a low calorie and sugar diet. So I didn't set my hopes up too high due to the fact that I had little to lose. My target areas for this treatment were my thighs. The treatment itself is quick and easy- calming even! Toward the end of the 30 minutes I felt the "heat sensation" she described but it was definitely not painful. Then I stood on this machine to help with circulation for 10 minutes (again quick and easy.) I was measured before and after and ended up shedding a bit more than a half of an inch on each leg! I was happily surprised!! Who doesn't want to take a 30 minute rest and lose some body fat? I also received a facial cleanser and moisturizer. It's only my second time using them however, my skin feels hydrated and clean like never before. I have sensitive skin and thus far have had zero irritations. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone looking to better themselves. Fantastic results and delightful customer service. :)
Kylie Travers

My husband Charlie and I both had the BIO TRIM service and we both lost an inch or more during this one session. Joanna was wonderful and very professional.
Claudine Sanchez - Parrott

BioTrim works! I lost 3/4" in 30 minutes! I was really skeptical, but took a chance and I am soooo glad I did! Just as advertised, there was no pain, no anything other than just losing some weight immediately - I even fell asleep during my treatment! I already scheduled my 2nd treatment and cannot wait!
Debra Burns

I always had a nice stomach, but have gained some weight in mid-section in the past few years. I tried the gym and even 2 diet plans and nothing really seemed to work. A friend told me about how well this new treatment worked on her, so I tried it. Thank goodness I did! They tell you that you will see immediate effects, but my mind did not accept it until I actually saw it for myself. Try it, you will be happy with the results.
Stacey C.

I did a BioTrim Treatment to test it and it worked. I lost 3/8" on my 1st treatment. This wasn't a huge amount, but I did buy the package of 9 treatments and have now lost of total of 7.5" from my waist! I am a true believer. If you want to lose weight, this is the solution! Thank you BioTrim!
Melody Simpson


LaserLipo: Not All Machines are Created Equal !

Not Seeing Results from Other LaserLipo Treatments? Here's Why!

Most Cool Laser (LaserLipo) machines have laser diodes that range from 17mw to 50mw each. Bio Trim's laser diodes are 200mw each, (4 - 11 times more powerful) yet, they are completely safe and non-invasive. Further, most LaserLipo type treatments have 8-12 laser diodes per Paddle. BioTrim has 20 laser diodes per Paddle! As it turns out, this is the technological number needed to see real results! BioTrim even has 5 mini-fans per Paddle. BioTrim also has dual-laser technology; 650nm and 980 nm. No other machine has dual-laser technology. The 980 nm wave length helps target Cellulite. Get Better, Faster Results with BioTrim!


BioTrim Treatment - Take a Nap & Wake Up Thinner!

Many customers have described this treatment as relaxing, even Zen-Like. You simply lay down in a comfortable, relaxed environment for up to 30 minutes at a time, and the BioTrim Treatment machine does all of the work for you. Since this is cool laser technology; you feel nothing during the procedure...just a slight warming sensation. No cold or heat. You may feel a bit different and lighter as you exit the Treatment Center due to the bio-stimulation that begins in your body.

You are welcome to listen to music on your iPod/phone, a book on tape, or just close your eyes and rest during the procedure. Listening to white noise, such as running water or ocean waves & Spa music, is always a relaxing way to spend your 30 minute sessions. You can even take a nap and wake up thinner!

This BioTrim cool-laser is a stark contrast to traditional methods of fat reduction procedures, such as Liposuction and Gastric-Bypass Surgery, which are costly and very dangerous! There have been numerous deaths from going under. With BioTrim, the treatment is completely safe, non-invasive and it has zero down-time.

Because we store toxins in our fat, this treatment also has a cleansing effect on the body. So you not only look healthier, you actually are healthier! Plus, when you look good, you feel good...creating a brand new outlook on life!



How Does BioTrim Work?

Invasive skin resurfacing lasers target the epidermis, while non-invasive BioTrim cool-laser diode lasers are designed to reach the deep dermis and subcutaneous 'fatty' layers.

This Cool-Laser Technology reaches the exact 'target-area' of fat cells and 'switches these fat cells off', safely allowing the release of fat. In virtually all cases , Measurable Results can be visibly seen in only 1 treatment in virtually all cases.


BioTrim was Designed to Specifically Target Subcutaneous Fat,
Reducing the Appearance of Cellulite...Resulting in Slimmer, Thinner Looking You!

Multiple Clinical Trial Studies Prove It Works

  • Clinical Trial Study: 253 Participants - 97.6% Saw Results in Only 1 Session
  • Clinical Trial Study: 40 Participants Realized 5.46" Loss After 8 Treatments
  • Clinical Trial Study: 19 Participants Realized 5.7" Loss After 1 Week
  • Clinical Trial Study: 197 Participants - 87.2% Saw Results
  • Clinical Trial Study: FDA Study on Low-Level Laser Weight Loss


How Fast Will I See Results?
In a Clinical-Trial Study of 253 participants, 97.6% saw results after only one treatment. This means only 6 people (out of 253) did not see any results after one treatment. (See Clinical Trial Above) In virtually all cases, results can be visibly seen in only 1 treatment.

Is the BioTrim Treatment Safe?
Yes, this technology is FDA Approved. The laser wave length is safe on all skin types with no complications, no side-effects, and no down-time. You can resume ALL activities immediately!

Is the BioTrim Low Level Cool-Laser Therapy Painful or Emit Heat or Cold?
There is zero pain. The treatment uses a cool laser cold or freezing, rather just a slight warming sensation. There is no redness or burn.

How Will This Treatment Affect My Daily Life?
Zero impact. You can resume all activities immediately! In fact, the more active you are after a treatment, the better your results will be.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?
Typically, you can expect to lose about 1/2" on your first treatment, which you can visibly see immediately or within 24 hours - not 3 weeks later! Some customers lose up to 2" after only one treatment. You can expect to lose 3" to 7" visible inches after 9 treatments when performed over a 3 - 4 week period. Some people lose even more than this. You could lose less inches than this, but that is a rarity. You will lose weight with the BioTrim Treatments...your results will vary due to own general body make-up.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
Although you will probably see results from just one (1) treatment, most people want to lose even more weight & inches. For optimal results; a total of nine (9) treatments is recommended. In some cases, more treatments may be needed depending on how weight you want to lose. You can confidentially discuss your personal needs & goals with one of our professionally trained BioTrim Techs.

What Happens as the Cool-Laser Hits the Fatty Tissue?
The laser safely & non-invasively disrupts the external membrane of the fat cells, inducing lipolysis. Lipolysis is decomposition of fat. Think of it as switching off your fat storage mechanism. With BioTrim, you see instant results without complications or down-time. This technology is FDA approved.

What is Released During Treatment?
Fat! Which is comprised of water, glycerol, and free fatty acids.

Where Does the Fat Go?
It is absorbed by the lymphatic system, and is burned as energy in the body and normal metabolic processing just like when you exercise and release fat. There are no issues or complications when this occurs as it is a natural body function.

What Other Benefits Might I Receive From This Treatment?
You will have better self-esteem & confidence because you look thinner. You will also feel better physically, because your body is now healthier due to this treatment having a cleansing effect , removing the toxins that were stored in your fat.

Does This Treatment Have a Guarantee?
Yes. We offer you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee: You will lose visible inches with nine (9) treatments. We will carefully measure before, during and after so we can accurately track your results. If you do not see any results from your nine treatments; you will receive 100% of your money back. *Must follow Pre & After Care Guidelines

How Long Will the Weight Stay Off?
In many cases, the weight stays off. The reason being; you feel so much better about yourself, both physically & emotionally, this in turn encourages to you make lifestyle changes ending the cause of your weight gain. Our belief is that thru our technology & expert will live a happier, healthier life.

Does BioTrim Work on All Skin Types?
We cannot perform BioTrim on African -Americans or anyone with Dark skin.

What Possible Complications Could Arise?
Virtually no complications can arise. This cool laser technology is very safe and does not create any complications or issues for your body. It is FDA Approved and we have never experienced any issues during treatment.

Do I Get a Discount if I Purchase a Package of Treatments?
Yes, we make it quite affordable for you. In fact, in most cases it costs less than all other weight loss programs, including similar type cool laser treatments. And, this is a better type treatment! (See cost chart below)

Can Anyone Have This Treatment Performed?
Yes, anyone who is overweight; from 1 lb. and above. The exception being; we cannot perform the BioTrim Treatment if you have any of the following: Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Cancer, Acute Inflammation or Epidemical Patients, open or stitched wounds, Cardiac Arrhythmias, Immunosuppressive disorders, Thyroid Gland Dysfunction, Uncontrolled Hypertension, Chronic Heart Disease, Pacemaker, Kidney (Gall-Stone) & Liver disorders/disease, or if you have or have had Phlebitis, after veins surgery within the last two months, or on specific area that has varicose veins or any tingling in your limbs, or anyone under the age of 18. Additionally, we cannot perform this treatment on women during their Period (Menses Cycle); African Americans or anyone with Dark skin. If you have any concerns regarding this treatment, please consult a physician.

How Does BioTrim Compare in Cost to Similar Treatments or Even Other Weight Loss Programs?
BioTrim is not only the most effective weight lose treatment, it is also the least cost, making it the best solution for weight loss! (See the cost chart below)

How Does this BioTrim Treatment Compare to Vevazz, Lapex, I-Lipo, Yolo, or Zerona Machines.
BioTrim is Better! The BioTrim Machine has More Paddles, More Cool-Laser Diodes, and a Higher Milliwatt (MW) Power. BioTrim has 14 Paddles (10 Paddles & 4 Lymphatic Paddles) containing a total of 224 total Laser Diodes. Each Laser Diode is 200 MW (4 - 11 times more powerful) - other machines Laser Diodes range from 17 MW to 40 MW for each laser diode. Additionally, the other machines only have 4 - 12 total Paddles. More Paddles & Laser Diodes and a higher energy output means better, faster results! Yet, it is 100% safe. BioTrim also has dual-laser technology, 650nm and 980 nm. No other machine has this. The 980 nm wave length helps target Cellulite.

This Treatment Sounds Too Good To Be True - Is It?
If we did not see the results work on ourselves, and the people we have performed it on, we would not offer this treatment. We thought it was hard to believe when we first discovered this special treatment, so before offering this technology to the general public, we thoroughly tested it on ourselves and our friends; we can tell you that it truly does work - guaranteed! Try it - You have everything to lose! Get Started Today!

Annual Cost of Your Weight Loss

Not Only is BioTrim the Most Effective Weight Loss Treatment...It Also Costs Less Than Other Treatments!

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Schedule Your BioTrim Non-Invasive Instant Weight Loss Treatment Today! You Have Everything to Lose!

$299 a Treatment - Includes a lymphatic drainage treatment.
Add a 2nd treatment area for only $99!

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