Beautify Spa by International Skin Care

Beautify Computer Facial Analysis

Beautify Spa by International Skin Care now offers a computer facial analysis. We are one of the few Spas’ in Phoenix/Scottsdale providing the latest cutting-edge technology for truly professional skin care. This is a Complete Clinical Skin Analysis!

This advanced, digital 3D Spectral Skin Analysis allows us to view and report of the following:

  • Pore Size
  • Wrinkle Depth
  • Pigmentation (topical & sub-dermal)
  • Skin Hydration
  • Vascularity
  • Skin Texture & Roughness
  • Oily & Dry Patches (sebum)
  • Porphyrin (Cellular aging)

This computer skin analysis has incredible accuracy. It even shows you emerging pigmentation located under the skin.

Intense magnification using a 15-megapixel imaging array reveals extensive detail. It takes 3 quick pictures of your skin under natural, polarized and UV light. This is the best method to help us in making recommendations for professional skin treatments to get you the absolute best results for your skin type and skin issues.

Get the Best Skin Care Possible
with a Computer Facial Analysis

  • Easily demonstrates actual skin conditions and develop better targeted skin treatment programs.
  • Quickly shows the improvement effects, both before and after skin treatment. We can track treatment progress and outcomes effectively over time - each and every visit!
  • Directly tests the quality of cosmetics of SPF (UVB Rays) and PA++ (UVA Rays) by UV progress.

Use Technology to Look Your Best!
Book you next appointment with Beautify Spa by International Skin Care and ask for a Computer Facial Analysis! $99.00